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Yacht insurance is necessary to ensure that you sail with peace and comfort in the regional and international waters. It is important to have the right level of insurance to enjoy a good time with friends and family in your yacht, ship or boat. Whatever you call your water transportation, from mini-ships to mega yachts, we are here to listen to your needs and offer comprehensive insurance for your water transportation. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances affect your enjoyment. Have it covered and sail steadily across the ocean knowing that you have everything covered. Our yacht insurance consultants will look into your circumstances carefully and understand your needs thoroughly before tailoring the yacht insurance solution or protection plan for you. The yacht or ship insurance plan should cover the external damage to the luxury ship, the loss of fixtures and fittings internally, the medical expenses and injury due to water sport, personal accident, third party liabilites and other aspects of coverage associated with owning and sailing the expensive water transportation you have. With a dedicated team catering to yacht insurance, you can assure that your claims will be attended to promptly. Our marine insurance specializing in yacht and personal ships will ensure that you obtain the best coverage without over burdening you financially.

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Risk Associated with Sailing and the Need for Ship or Yacht Insurance

If you are still hesitant to speak to us, you just have to evaluate the risk associated with sailing a yacht or ship in the open water. The possibility of capsizing, the risk of injuries and drowning while doing water sports, the chances of meeting the pirates, the possibility of encountering the storms, big waves and hurricanes, the likihood of getting lost in the ocean, etc. Everyone knows there is some degree of risk in sailing or boating but many people think it will not happen to them. No one thinks it could happen to them. Why should you take the risk? Why should you under-insure yourself and yacht when you are aware of such risk? Why should you put your friends and family at risk when they are sailing with you and when they entrust their lives with you by stepping into your ship? Let us share with you the tragedy of some people who suffer when they under-insured their yacht and accidents, injuries and damages associated with their yachts.

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