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Motocycle insurance is mandatory in Singapore just like other motor cars insurance. However, the adequacy of motorbike insurance coverage is extremely important in view of the pervasiveness of accidents involving motorcycle. Statistically, motorcyclist is involved in 40% of fatal motor accidents (extracted from Straits Times 19 Aug 2017). Motorcyclist is more likely to end up in fatal road accidents as compared to car because motorcycle is the smallest motor transport on the road. Besides being smallest in size, motorcycle is also different from car or lorry which has an outer casing to protect the driver during an accident. Due to its small size and lack of protecting casing, any accidents between a car or lorry with a motorcycle is understandably to end up with more injuries on the motorcyclist than the car or lorry driver. As the risk of injuries and death for motorcyclist is higher than other mode of transportation, it is important that there is adequate motorcycle insurance coverage if you are a motorcyclist. Whether you are riding a big motorbike or a small scooter, having a good motorbike insurance coverage is critical. As such, you should not be looking for the cheapest motorbike insurance. Instead you should be looking for motor insurance which offers the best coverage at the most affordable price.

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Independent Motorcycle Insurance Advisor

With many years of experience helping motorcyclists to get the best motorbike insurance deals, you can count on us to provide you with excellent recommendation on the best motorcycle insurance plan in Singapore. Our motorbike insurance experts are always sourcing for the best coverage and the deepest discount available. Most importantly we are here to answer your questions, attend to all you motorcycle insurance needs and assist in your claims so that you can carry on your daily routine knowing that the motorcycle insurance is well taken care of.

Cheap Private and Commercial Motorbike Insurance

Our premiums for motorcycle or scooter insurance is priced attractively. It may not be the cheapest in the market but definitely the most value-for-money insurance package.  Whether it is the compensation for injury to yourself or another person, fire or theft of your motorcycle, or damage to other property, you know you are well covered and can easily reach our motorbike insurance professionals to assist you in the claims.

Collector’s Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

Some people collect antique, vintage or luxury motorcycle as a hobby and will only ride the bike occasionally and for enjoyment rather than as an essential mode of transport. We understand that there is this group of customers with a unique need. Therefore, we provide the necessary motorbike insurance to cater to this group of motorcyclists.

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