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Cheap Commercial Vehicle Insurance Singapore

Commercial Vehicle Insurance (sometimes known as Commercial Motor Insurance or Commercial Car Insurance) is an arrangement to provide compensation for loss or damage of the commercial vehicles or goods vans when some unfortunate events occur. It provides financial protection for business owners to continue with their business operation even when their commercial vehicles meet an accident. Business owners who have just started their businesses may not be familiar with Commercial Car Insurance. It is an area which requires great attention of business owners if they rely on these commercial vehicles to deliver goods to customers or to move around to keep their business going.

Low cost commercial vehicle insurane singapore

Mandatory to Purchase Commercial Motor Insurance

In Singapore, insurance for commercial car is mandatory just like insurance for private cars. Our government knows it is important to have the vehicles insured so that compensation to the affected parties can be made by the insurance company even if the party at fault is in financial difficulties.

Cheap Commercial Vehicle Insurance with Great Coverage

For new business owners who own the Commercial or Goods Vehicle for the first time, it may be a challenge looking for a cheap and good Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Frequently Cheap Commercial Motor Insurance comes with hidden terms which means you may be getting an inferior coverage without you knowing. It may be difficult for new business owners to spot the differences in coverage because of the technical insurance jargons used in the Commercial Car Insurance. It can be difficult for a layman to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different Commercial Vehicle Insurance. With us – the Commercial Car Insurance Expert, you know that we are able to decipher the terms and conditions, advantages and disadvantages and whether the commercial motor insurance is ideal for you. As such, you should not buy a motor insurance based on price or insurance premium alone.

Keeping Commercial Vehicle Insurance Premiums Low

As you know, your Commercial Vehicle Insurance premium will be affected by the number of accidents occurred. As such, you should always screen your drivers and inculcate the right driving habits to minimize the occurrence of accidents. This will help to minimize your insurance premium relating to your commercial or goods vehicles. Besides screening your driver, it is also a good investment to have a in-car camera to record all driving footage to defend yourself in the event of an accident. Nowadays, you can easily get an in-car camera at less than SGD100.

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