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Cheap car insurance premium is just a click away on the internet.  Our definition of cheap car insurance plan is the lowest premium possible for the car insurance with the best coverage. That means, the most value-for-money motor insurance. With 10% to 25% lower in terms of premium for private vehicle insurance, you can keep the savings for other spending. Not only are we able to provide you one of the most affordable car insurance, we are also able to provide the necessary support prior to your purchase and after your purchase of the car insurance policy.

Why pay more to others when you can go for one of the most affordable car insurance in Singapore without compromising on the quality of service and the coverage of the insurance.

It’s Time to Choose the Cheapest Car Insurance Premium But….

Getting a car in Singapore is already stressful enough considering the payment of Certificate of Entitlement or COE, road tax, etc. In addition, you have car insurance to worry about. Getting the cheapest car insurance is one of the priorities if you are tight in cash after spending so much on your car. Thus, you should not pay more for the car insurance. Get the most affordable car insurance to save a little here and there is critical. Cheapest car premium will definitely catch your attention when you do not have too much to spare. However, it is important to understand the details of coverage so that you are not caught off-guard when there is an accident. Get the insurance agent to summarize the few car insurance policies he or she recommended. Question on the coverage and the excess. Excess is what you should pay before the insurance company pays the rest of the damage.

Car insurance premium varies depending on age, type of car, driving experience, No-claim discount, third-party or comprehensive policy, etc. It is not necessary that those car insurance online quotations will give you the cheapest car insurance. Sometimes you will be surprise to see the lowest car insurance premium has the highest excess. As such, it may be better if you let us customize your car insurance for you so that we can determine the most comfortable amount of excess and the best coverage for you. In other words, our definition of the cheap car insurance is the most value-for-money customized car insurance.

Besides offering competitively priced car insurance plan, we also offer commercial car insurance, motorbike insurance, yacht insurance and pet insurance. Contact us now to find out more about our most affordable insurance plans in Singapore.

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