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It is common to get instant car insurance quotes online nowadays.  However, is this the most ideal way of insuring your car? Many car owners end up getting very cheap car insurance quotes but not be the best car insurance for them.

Car owner should not just look at the amount of car insurance premium you will be paying. There are other factors to consider when buying the car insurance policy.

Checking Car Insurance Premium Online

Factors to Consider Before Saying “Yes” to Car Insurance Quotes online

Ease of Getting Your Car Assessed and Repaired When It Is Damaged

Buying car insurance online is easy. You can compare prices and coverage offered by prominent insurance companies and clicks some buttons to purchase the car insurance which you have chosen. However, some owners face tremendous headache and inconvenience when getting their cars assessed for damages and sending their cars for repair when accidents occurred. Check with other car owners who have purchased the same car insurance plan online. If the process of sending the car for repair and making the claim for damages is as easy as buying their insurance online, you can give it a try.

Other Services Linked to Car Insurance

Besides comparing the car insurance premium, you should also look at other services offered by the car insurance company. For example, a replacement car for your use when your car is sent for repair.

Using Smart Phone to buy Car Insurance Online

Excess or Deductible for Car Insurance Quote Online

Excess or deductible is what you have to pay before the insurance company pays for the rest of the repair. As car insurance company knows that online customers are very price sensitive, the policy they offer tend to be high in excess so that the car insurance premium offered can be lower. If car owners prefer to have low excess, then they must be prepared to pay more.

For a typical Japanese car where spare parts are easily available, the car owner should not go for an excess that is too high since minor repairs should not cost too much.

Other Advise on Car Insurance

Buying car insurance online based on the quotations provided by the website may not cover every aspects of your needs. For example, if you are the only one who has the licence to drive, you would like to be advised that you should buy a car insurance that covers yourself only and not cover other drivers. A customized car insurance policy can also look into addition coverage to protect you.

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