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Buying a car insurance plan is never easy especially with so many offers in the market claiming they have the best vehicle coverage at the lowest price. So how can you differentiate a great car insurance protection plan from the not so great ones?

Before we even look at choosing the right insurance, let’s briefly understand what is car insurance and why do you need to buy. Car insurance is frequently known as motor insurance and it is the insurance you purchase to cover any damages to your motor vehicle and third party’s motor vehicle as well as the liability arising from driving your car and getting into an accident. All car owners are required under Singapore Law to purchase the car insurance before the cars go onto the road so that the damages and compensation are covered by the insurance when there is an accident.

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How to Choose the Best Motor or Car Insurance?

To determine which car insurance offered by different car insurance companies is the best, some motor car owners may request for quotations and compare the prices and coverage. This can can be a tedious process. Moreover, determining the quality of private vehicle insurance based on price and written coverage may not be sufficient. There are other factors like timeliness of repair when an accident occur, support given to the car owners when another car collides with their cars, etc.

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Comparing the different motor insurance policies offered by different insurance companies can be a challenging task. More so, if you need to find out the support they provide when there is a car accident. Does the authorized workshop send a person to take care of all the reporting and administrative work? Can you reach them at night or do they have 24 hour hotline so that you can reach them during emergency? These are all the important factors to consider before you place your money on the motor car insurance. We make sure that the car insurance you get is the most value-for-money (i.e. quality motor insurance at affordable price). If you wish to go for the cheapest car insurance, you should be prepared to face some risk associated with that insurance policy.

We are independent representatives who compare and select the best car insurance policy for you. We will explain to you why this motor insurance policy is best suited for you given the other options. In addition, it is our duty to explain all the insurance terms like “No Claim Discount or NCD”, “Excess”, “Third Party Liability”, etc. to you so that you are completely sure of what you are buying and how you are insured. Most importantly, you do not have to pay us a single cent for this service. It’s FREE!

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Take a look as some of the testimonials of our clients below and you should be convinced that we can serve you well. With our expertise in motor insurance, you can rest assured that we scrutinize the details of the insurance plan for you. Our car insurance consultants are always ready to understand your situation and needs and advise you accordingly. Besides car insurance, we also offer motorcycle insurance and help businesses with commercial vehicle insurance. In addition, as Singaporeans become more affluent, we also offer our service in selecting the best yacht insurance. Let us handle the comparison of coverage and premium of different car insurance plan so that you can spend your precious time focusing on what you enjoy most.


…Support for car repairs and damaged claims is one of the best we have seen. We will continue to use an independent insurance professional to source for our insurance protection…..

…Being a first time car owner, I am glad that the insurance agent explain the important terms to me and the claim procedure. I will definitely recommend it to my friend…..

…Unlike purchasing of online car insurance where you don’t get much interaction and support from the insurance person, we are able to get good support when we purchase from this independent insurance agent….

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